Frequently Asked Questions

Public Safety

I have safety concern, but not sure it’s enough to call 911.  Do I just call the station directly?

No, if anytime you are unsure where to call for help just call 911.  Some  examples might include an electrical problem, an odour, or a fire alarm sounding for an unknown reason.  If you call the station directly, you may be asked to hang up and call 911 anyway.  When you call 911 your phone number and address are displayed automatically so even if the call is interrupted they still know where you are.  We do not have that ability in our fire stations.  As well, our dispatch centre, the Public Safety Communications Centre in Saint John, are able to dispatch the appropriate apparatus based on your location and the type of call.

If you have a general question about fire safety, then calling the station is an option.

What are the regulations to have a camp fire in my yard?

Although the bylaws vary slightly between Rothesay and Quispamsis, residents must contact the fire department in order to have a recreational fire in their yard; call 848-6601 in Rothesay or 848-6602 in Quispamsis.  If you live in a Local Service District serviced by this department, you will need to call the Department of Natural Resources at 1-866-458-8080 to obtain a burning permit.

The guidelines to have a fire in your yard include:

  • untreated wood is the only fuel used.  Fires may not be used to clear brush or dispose of construction waste;
  • there is only one fire at the site;
  •  the fire area is no larger than one square meter (three square feet);
  • the caller is the owner of the property or has permission to burn where the fire is located;
  • the fire will be attended at all times;
  • a means of extinguishment is readily available;
  • and the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the site.

These guidelines apply to all recreational fires including the usage of outdoor fire pits, fire bowls, or chimineas.  The only recreational fires not covered by this policy are those that use an alternate fuel source from wood, such as propane outdoor fireplaces.

We follow the guidelines set by the Province on whether burning is open, restricted, or closed.  This information is updated daily at 2pm between April and October and can be found here:

I would like to set off fireworks.  What do I need to do?

In Rothesay, permission is needed from both the Fire Chief and Police Chief in order to detonate fireworks (BY-LAW N0. 4-03).  We would like to remind residents of the hazard fire works pose including the potential for serious personal injury and property damage.  If you cause a fire or damage property from the use of fireworks, you may be liable for the damages.

How do I know it’s safe to use the river ice for recreation?

The fire department does not make statements regarding ice conditions.  Residents are asked to use extreme caution when using the ice for recreation and before doing so consult local weather forecasts as well as public alerts from the Government of New Brunswick

Does the fire department rescue animals?

Our priority is life safety, and that includes the safety of our members.  Generally when animals get themselves into a situation they are able to get themselves out.  We will respond when the situation presents a hazard to human health and safety however based on an assessment of the situation, may not put our members in a dangerous situation for an animal. It is the discretion of the company officer as to how much risk they are willing to take.

My fire alarm was set off accidentally, what do I do?

If your alarm is monitored by a company, then the fire department will already be on their way.  Try to call your alarm company as soon as possible to notify us of the situation.  You can expect one fire truck to arrive and gather your information as well as make sure you don’t need any further assistance.

Where can I find information on fire safety, about things like smoke alarms?

You can check the Fire Prevention page on our site or contact us here or by phone at 848-6601.

Community Relationships

How do I book a station tour?

You can book a station tour by calling us at 848-6601 or using the contact us page here on the site.  You will be asked for your name, contact information, date of tour, and number of individuals attending.  Station tours are not recommended for children under the age of 5 and for the best experience groups should be under 20.  It is recommended that you call the station just before visiting to ensure we are still available.

How do I arrange to have a fire truck visit my event?

You can book a site visit by calling us at 848-6601 or using the contact us  page here on the site.  You will be asked for your name, contact information, date of visit, and the nature of the event.  Site visits are subject to cancellation without notice due to emergency calls or other circumstances that have an operational requirement.

Do you host birthday parties?

We do not host parties, but welcome station tours for parties based on the recommendations above.

Who can I talk to about information or a concern I have about the fire department?

You can reach us at the contact us page here on the site or call 848-6601 and request to speak to the on duty Platoon Chief.

Where can I get a reflective number for my house?

While there are different options for house numbers at various hardware stores, we are happy to be the only place that provides the blue reflective signs for your home.  The signs are available at Station 1 in Rothesay for $20 and are made on site while you wait.  Proceeds from the signs go towards various fundraising initiatives.

Does the fire department collect old paint, gas, or used oil?

We do not.  Please contact Fundy Region Solid Waste for proper disposal of these products.

What do I do if my  insurance company has questions about my policy in regards to fire safety?

You can contact us and we may be able to help with things such as distance to fire hydrants or specific questions about the department.  We do not however conduct inspections or cleaning of wood stoves and chimneys.

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