Safety After a Storm

After the blizzard yesterday and the significant snowfall that accompanied it, there are some safety issues to consider in and around your home:

  • Is your family escape plan still feasible?  Are your exits clear and doors/windows still able to open? (You do have an escape plan, right?)
  • If you have gas or wood burning appliances, make sure that chimneys and vents are clear and that you have a working carbon monoxide alarm in your home;
  • If there is a fire hydrant on or near your property please consider clearing it out – it may be a good deed that saves a life or home.  Both towns work very hard to keep them clear but we got a lot of snow!
  • Make sure your civic number is still visible from the street;
  • If you are concerned about snow loads on  your roof, call a professional contractor or roofing company.  Most residential homes are designed to handle our winters and it is very dangerous to walk on a roof in these conditions.

If you have any questions about fire safety, please contact us here:  Contact Us